Our Services

Young People Care

Anna House Care Home is a residential care home registered with and recognised by OFSTED. We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for vulnerable young people (5-18) who require support in their day to day lives.

Adult Care

Anna House Post 18 is a supported living adults home that has been registered with CQC. As an extension of Anna House Care Home, our aim for Post 18 is to provide service users with continuity of care when they turn 18 years.

Our Journey

Anna House was started as a respite where parents came to leave their children for short breaks. After a while the demands for long-term stays began to arise. We received a young person who had safeguarding issues and it was ruled that he could not go back to family. This led to Anna House transitioning from respite to a care home. Since then, we started looking after children who have nowhere to go.

We are an organisation dedicated to providing robust care for vulnerable children and adults.

We are regulated by Ofsted and CQC.