Young people’s services

Who are our young residents?

Anna House offers accommodation to both male and female young residents between the ages of 5–18 years at the point of admission. In all cases there would be an expectation that the referring authority, parent or concerned persons present to us a very clear and specific long-term plans for the new resident before we could make a decision.

Admissions will usually be on a planned basis, with each new resident being introduced to the home gradually.  The introduction process will be agreed in the pre-planning meeting.  Young person will first visit for tea before having an overnight stay.  This is necessary so that young people and their family can meet the staff team before overnight stays are introduced. These visits are also intended to ensure that the new resident’s needs are assessed thoroughly.

While we aim to offer planned placements, there might be circumstances that may require a young person to be accommodated on an unplanned/emergency basis as an appropriate response to the needs of their needs. In the event of an emergency admission, a review of arrangements and longer-term planning will take place within a maximum period of 72 hours.

In some cases, a resident may exceed their age limit in our care, for instance, if the resident is in full-time education moving may be delayed

As a precaution against impacting their education or the placing authority simply take longer to find a suitable residential placement for. 


How we support young residents in our care

We believe that every child is entitled to live in a warm, caring, safe and nurturing environment where their needs are assessed and solely met.

Our committed and skilled team of staff provide care, as well as address patterns of behaviors through positive and constructive interventions. Staff will employ good parenting responses to maintain the safe management of the children and young people, whilst allowing them to take measured risks to promote autonomy.

Our services are designed to ensure that the young residents in our care can feel supported to maximize their potential. Our staff are trained to address emotional, social, educational and cultural needs. We also address behavior or circumstances that have led young people to be looked after in residential care.

The range of needs include: –

  • Gastrostomy feeding or nasal feeding.
  • Specific and/or rare disorders (including HIV)
  • Developmental disorders, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Epilepsy, Asperges syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, Autism, communication difficulty (including hearing or visual loss)
  • Challenging behaviour that could not be managed at family home.

Protecting young residents at Anna House

At Anna House, we owe the statutory duty to safeguard children and young people in our care from any form of harm. We have clearly stipulated safeguarding policies that staff are directed to follow. We also ensure that our staff are equipped with safeguarding skills through regular and thorough trainings. It is recognised that children and young people with disabilities are more vulnerable to abuse and may have greater difficulties in communicating their challenges. For this reason, we ensure that all staff mandatorily attend our trainings on Safeguarding Disabled Children.

We take any concerns or allegations seriously. We have a home procedure that staff follow to raise awareness if they detect that a child is suffering or is likely to suffer harm. Safeguarding procedures will then be followed in line with the London Child Protection Procedures (2015). Allegations against staff will always be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated by management and procedures followed to the later. 

For the past 17 years of operation, Anna House prides itself on zero record of abuse.  All staff members are aware of their statutory duty to report anything that they believe has or will put a resident in a vulnerable or dangerous situation. All efforts will be made to ensure the resident’s safety in the first instance, if by not doing so may endanger them.

Our Young Residents Facility